Local MPP Laurie Scott is still waiting to see if Premier Kathleen Wynne will agree to strike up a committee to address sexual harassment issues in the workplace. Scott made the motion in November, in the wake of the Jian Ghomeshi charges, and has brought it up four times. Since then, Wynne has responded saying she plans to have a panel instead of a committee.

Scott explains the idea behind the committee.

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Scott says the direction the Premier plans to go isn’t exactly what she was hoping for.

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A press release from the provincial government on December 4 stated the Premier planned to executive a number of initiatives including “a public education campaign; measures to improve government caucus policies, procedures and training; the creation of a standing Roundtable on Violence Against Women; and work across several ministries to improve support for victims of sexual violence. Scott says she’s happy for the response, and the things Wynne is proposing certainly won’t hurt, but she doesn’t think a Roundtable is the answer. However, she’s happy something is being done.

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Scott says Wynne could still move ahead with a committee this week, but it’s not looking that way. She says she plans to continue to advocate for a committee and is hoping for the best.