More details about the fire at the Dunloe Farm B&B are coming forward. According to Paula Misco, her husband Barry and Joe Voicey were driving by the farm when they saw a lot of smoke and decided to stop. She said the back of the house was completely engulfed in flames so they entered through the front door. All Miscio could see was black smoke, so he yelled to see if anyone was inside. When he heard someone yelling for help, he got down on his hands and knees and followed the voice. He found Darlene McConnell and was able to drag her out of the house. Her husband and son were both in town when the fire occurred. McConnell was taken to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation but was released later today.

A close friend to McConnell, Sandy Stevens says they’re now staying with family. Unfortunately a few pets were lost in the fire, but no guests were staying at the B&B when the fire occurred. Stevens says the community is working to set up an emergency fund at the CIBC. She’s also looking to arrange meals for the family. Anyone looking for information can contact Stevens at Millenium Lifestyles at 705-457-1700.