With Haliburton County councilors looking at a tough budget year, local MP Barry Devolin says the situation with the provincial government isn’t helping. With the new Asset Management Plan presented to council this week, the next term has a lot of work that needs to be done on roads and bridges. But, Devolin says when it comes to funds for infrastructure about one third of it is supposed to come from the province. With the provincial government looking at a twelve and a half billion dollar deficit, this is what he thinks could happen.

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Devolin says the provincial government is trying to balance the budget without cutting spending or raising taxes and he’s saying that just can’t happen. He explains what kind of effect it’s having locally.

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He says the federal government doesn’t have a mechanism to step in, and he doesn’t think there should be. As a resident of Haliburton County, though, he’s worried.

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Devolin explains that in order for the federal government to offer their help, the provincial government has to admit there is a problem. He thinks right now, Kathleen Wynne and her government wouldn’t warmly receive advice from Ottawa.