Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) As specialty clinics ramp-up services across the province, many of our community members are being called in for out- of-town appointments.

HHHS would like to remind the community of the valuable role OTN can play in their care. Part of Ontario’s publicly-funded health care system, virtual care through the OTN ensures that everyone has easy access to the best possible care when and where they need it.

This is especially valuable for rural communities such as ours with limited transportation options and excessive commutes to larger centres. Patients are connected to the physician using video conferencing and tele-diagnostics. The clinic is supported by a nurse who works with patients and doctors to ensure all of the required information is provided to make the most of your appointment time.

Privacy is provided and ensured during your visit.

In an effort to increase accessibility and use of OTN, the HHHS main clinic site has been moved to a new space in the Minden Hospital site.

If you think OTN is a good choice for you, please discuss this option with your physician.

Patients can talk to their doctor about accessing these care options and can visit www.otn.ca/patients or call HHHS OTN office 705 457-1392 x2365 for more information.