S.G. Nesbitt Renewal Project
June 22, 2020 |
By Shannon Prentice

The Township of Minden Hills is seeking monetary donations or donations of time, skills or efforts in the completion or purchase of the following items related to the S.G. Nesbitt Renewal Project.

These items will enrich and provide additional value to this significant and extraordinary project. Council would like to extend this opportunity for enhancement to all individuals, residents, businesses, visitors, artists, and organizations wishing to be part of this historic and exciting undertaking in Minden Hills.

If you are interested in making a monetary donation; or in completing or purchasing any of these items, please contact Shannon Prentice, Deputy Clerk at [email protected] for further details, including the availability of donation receipts.

Canopy at Rear Entrance of the Facility
Sprinkler System for Community Centre & Scouts Room
Advertising Frames (Local Businesses, Events, Activities)
Projector Screen & Projector (Ceiling Mounted)
Paving Parking Lot – Secondary Area
Artistic Murals & Reproductions
Lobby Furniture (Chairs, Tables, etc.)
Office Furniture & Equipment
Window Shades
Exterior LED Message Centre
Fundraising Committee:

The Township continues to seek individuals interested in being a member of the S.G. Nesbitt Renewal Project Fundraising Committee. For further information regarding this committee, including terms of reference and application process, please contact Shannon Prentice, Deputy Clerk at [email protected]