Haliburton County Council were presented with an e-commerce and marketing product that might be the answer for local businesses struggling to overcome the results of the pandemic.

Donna Enright of Technicality Plus says her company has developed a solution to compete with online shopping, that has the potential to leave local businesses behind.

Enright says the software, developed in Haliburton County, is a successful auction and e-commerce platform used by print media companies across Canada to sell products and services for local businesses, in exchange for advertising credits.

Enright says they are working hard to modify and adapt the platform to be ready for businesses, non-profits, artists and tourism operators, in Haliburton County.

The presentation Enright says, was not to appeal for money or even approval, but to help find funding to assist some businesses with the one time setup fee of $235, and the monthly usage fee of $40, for the first few months.

County councillors had a lot of questions and it was agreed a special meeting will be arranged as soon as possible, so they can work their way through them, and evaluate the benefit to local businesses.