It looks like the hot weather and humid temperatures are here to stay for cottage country.

That’s according to Environment Canada, who is forecasting temperatures hitting up to highs of 30 all through this weekend and into next week.

In an interview with MyHaliburtonNow, Meteorologist with Environment Canada Gerald Chang says while it’s not entirely unusual – it is unseasonably mild.

“What’s interesting is that over the weekend at least, overnight lows are still cool enough. That means the temperatures are sitting below 20 degrees. So, if you have your windows open, you can still get a break from the heat.”

Chang feels, however, that could change by next week with overnight temperatures hovering in the 20s.

While the weather has been hotter than normal for this time of year – he points to a similar heatwave that occurred around this time two years ago.

“Around Canada Day two years ago, it was also very hot, and it was also around a week of temperatures hovering around 30. So, it sort of speaks to the idea that heat in itself is not that bad, but when it’s a prolonged heatwave – that’s when it gets to people.”

Aside from a slight chance of showers, the weather agency notes we can expect to see a mix of sun and cloud with temperatures in the 30s and the humidex making it feel even hotter.

Chang says it’s important to stay hydrated and use common sense when it comes to the heat.

“Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, that’s always a good tip. Of course, when it’s hot outside, and you need to run errands, do not leave your children or pets in the car – especially with windows up and no ventilation, the temperature inside the vehicle is even hotter, and that can be dangerous.”

To view the latest weather updates – head to Environment Canada’s website.