The local health unit is taking extra steps to protect area residents from the spread of COVID-19.

The HKPR District Health Unit has issued a class order to owners and operators of agricultural farms that employ migrant farm workers, participate in the federal Temporary Farm Worker program or operate any model of seasonal housing accommodations.

Dr. Lynn Noseworthy says while they “have not seen large outbreaks at farms in our area”, the health unit is “taking this step to help further reduce the risk to the people working in our area farms and the residents of our community”.

Under the order, owners and operators of agricultural farms in the district must follow a number of actions, including notifying the Health Unit when a migrant or temporary farm worker will be arriving at the farm, and ensuring the employee is only working at one farm.

The order came into effect at noon July 9, and will remain in effect until the Medical Officer of Health determines it is no longer required.