Since the decision to cancel the Arts and Crafts Festival in Haliburton was made back in April, the Rails End Gallery have conducted a survey of the artists who would have been a part of this year’s show.

They wanted to know how the artists were faring, and how the Rails End Gallery could help.

95 percent said they would be coming back next year, and were glad the Gallery reached out to them.

Gallery staff came up with a strategy to work with artists, by sharing their social media content through Rails End channels, and featuring their personal stories and biographies on the gallery’s website over the next 6 months.

The idea is to help drive customers to the artists, build loyalty and educate consumers about the value of handmade, handcrafted and original craft and art.

Gallery Curator and Director Laurie Jones will be attending Dysart’s virtual meeting Tuesday, July 28, to ask councillors to help spread the word by following @haliburtonartandcraft on ​Facebook​, and liking and sharing their posts.