Remembrance Day is going to be much different than what it normally is – Haliburton included.

Public Relations Officer for Haliburton Legion Linda Heeps tells the newsroom it will be a “scaled-down” ceremony this year. She says six executives with the Legion will be on-hand and a “very small” colour party. “People may come, but they’re not supposed to,” she says. The ceremony will be live streamed by Heeps to the Legion’s Facebook page.

The parade will be going from the Foodland in downtown Haliburton to the Cenotaph. “We’re doing that because we don’t want the sound of the traffic to interrupt the live stream,” Heeps explains.

The wreaths that are normally placed by the people who order them will be pre-placed. “The Cenotaph is small so it’s hard (to physically distance),” she says. A short ceremony will happen then they will march back to the Foodland.

“That’s probably one-fourth of what we normally do,” she says.

The ceremony will start just before 11 AM and will last about 30 minutes.