With winter well underway, Haliburton Highlands OPP want to make sure you’re prepared for any situation on the road. Constable Dianna Dauphinee says having an emergency kit in your vehicle is important for any situation.

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Dauphinee says these things plus items like extra clothes and a blanket will help keep you safe and warm if you get stuck in a bad situation. If you do find yourself or someone else stuck in some snow or off the road, she explains precautions to take.

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With the roads in Haliburton County slippery with packed snow and ice, Dauphinee explains ways drivers should be changing their habits.

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If you, or someone you come across needs help and it’s not an emergency, Dauphinee says there’s a number to call instead of 911. You can call 1-888-310-1122 or *OPP (677) on your phone. This way you’ll be connected to the OPP, but it’s not an emergency situation.