Some places in Haliburton County will become more accessible after receiving money from the government. Local MP Barry Devolin recently announced over 150 thousand dollars came from the Enabling Accessibility Fund.

Community Living Haliburton County is using $24,005 to build an exterior ramp, install automated door openers and renovate a washroom.

County of Haliburton will receive $50,000 to install a lift in the administration offices.

The Municipality of Highlands East is getting $48,277 to install two lifts, build an accessible washroom and walkways.

The Township of Algonquin Highlands will see $32,500 go toward installing a ramp at their administrative offices as well as adding automated door openers, modify interior walls, service counter, seating areas and their washroom doorways.

Highlands East January 6 2015 County of Haliburton January 6 2015