The percent positivity rate at Haliburton County’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre was 1.15-percent for the past week.

Between January 25th and February 5th, 130 tests were done. “The number of tests completed was lower than anticipated, as the Assessment Centre availability was reduced for a few days due to unforeseen circumstances,” officials with the centre explained.

The previous week’s test positivity rate was 3.5-percent with 169 tests done over the seven-day stretch.

As of Friday morning, there have been 52 total cases of COVID-19 in Haliburton with two considered unresolved by the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit. “Over the past several weeks, our community has seen a significant rise in confirmed COVID- 19 cases locally, as well as increased numbers of high-risk contacts,” officials said. “The Health Unit, like all other public health units, is mandated to report based on the geographical boundaries within which it provides service, which means the cases reported for the Haliburton region only include those among persons residing within the boundaries of Haliburton County, regardless of where the testing takes place. Our Assessment Centre, however, provides testing to our broader community, including persons who reside outside of the Haliburton County border but who are still a part of our community.”

As a way to “complement” the daily coronavirus reports from the Health Unit, the test positivity rate is now being reported. “The positivity rate represents the percentage of persons tested at our Assessment Centre who test positive, over a designated two-week period,” officials explained.