As of Monday, March 8th at 12:01 AM, the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit will be moved into the Yellow-Protect zone.

This means passive screening will be required at all stores.

The limit of organized events at private residences, backyards, and parks is set at 10 inside and 25 outside. The limit is 50 inside for staffed business facilities and 100 outside.

In restaurants and bars, it will be required that two meters be between tables and a maximum of six people will be allowed per arrangement. Passive screening will be required and anyone dining in will have to provide contact information.

All restaurants will be closed from 12 AM to 5 AM.

At personal care centres, passive screening will be required as well as guest contact information.

For gym and other recreation facilities, a maximum of 50 people will be allowed inside and 100 people outside. Only 10 people will be allowed for fitness classes. Passive screening will be required.

“We’ve had a significant decrease in COVID-19 cases over the last two-week period, so that’s great news to be rewarded with a move to ‘Yellow’ because things are looking better,” says HKPR’s Acting Medical Officer of Health Dr. Ian Gemmill. “That said, I want to urge people not to let their guard down and continue taking COVID-19 precautions because the situation could quickly change.”

According to Dr. Gemmill, 98-percent of the population is still not protected from COVID-19 since they have not yet had the disease nor been immunized against it. “We still have a lot of susceptible people out there, so it’s essential to continue taking precautions so that there is not another resurgence of infection,” he says.

The Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit was placed in the Orange-Restrict level on February 12th.