While the trucking industry in Canada is looking at a shortage of qualified drivers, employment services in Haliburton County are giving people funds for training. The Fleming CREW (Community Resources for Employers and Workers) office offers a program called Second Career. Employment and Training Consultant, Bernie Nicholson says it offers financial support for people to get education and training.

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The AZ license is a requirement to drive a tractor trailer in Canada and the US . The labour market in Haliburton County can accommodate the AZ jobs, says Nicholson. When it comes to requests for funding from the Second Career program, Nicholson says education and training for the AZ license is the most in demand and is the most successful application of the program.

Nicholson explains the kind of training and education available through the program.

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In their most recent report, the Canadian Trucking Alliance found that the main cause of driver shortage comes down to driver demographics, compensation, quality of life and qualifications.

A trucking and transportation consulting firm, Transport Capital Partners conducted a survey and found that the majority of carriers said they would probably be increasing wages while they’re looking for replacement drivers. According to the report, “attracting and retaining operators continues to be a growing challenge.”

That effect can be seen in Haliburton County, with qualified drivers not having a hard time getting a job, according to Nicholson.

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Nicholson says if anyone living in Haliburton County has an AZ license and doesn’t have a job, they should be going to the Fleming CREW office, because the demand is out there. To find out more about the programs and services CREW offers, click here.