The Moose FM Radiothon for Haliburton Highlands Health Services raised $32,617 to help them purchase much needed equipment.

President and CEO of Haliburton Highlands Health Services (HHHS) Carolyn Plummer says the workstations on wheels are “transformational” for how staff will treat patients at the Haliburton and Minden hospitals. “There’s an entire system behind that that really transforms the way in which care is provided,” she tells the newsroom. She explains the workstations will allow them to keep all patient records digital. On top of that, historic patient data will be inputted as well, which will help staff make evidence-based decisions on the next steps for patients. “All of the electronic records for all of the patients for all of our hospitals will be on this system,” Plummer adds. She goes on to say that they’re working with other hospitals in the region as well so that travelling patients don’t have to worry about giving them, or a neighbouring hospital, their information all over again when they check-in.

Plummer says she hopes the network they currently have continues to grow beyond just hospitals. She believes the system they hope to implement once they buy the systems has the potential to include not just hospitals. “It’s certainly going to make the experience of care a lot smoother and easier,” she says. Plummer adds that this is a great opportunity for them to have the latest and greatest technology that will allow them to give better patient care.

Throughout the two-day radiothon Moose Mornings host Rick Lowes brought on Plummer and other hospital staff and volunteers who spoke about how no matter how big or small the donation, they all count the same. For HHHS to grow and continue supporting the community, everyone said the same thing: they need the community’s support.

“It’s absolutely critical,” Plummer says of the radiothon. The Ministry of Health helps them with their operating budget and support them with “small increases” to it, but they don’t help them buy equipment, which makes budgeting every year a challenge. “Costs across the board increase every year,” she says.

“Things like this radiothon are absolutely critical for us to be able to continue operating,” she says.

Even though the radiothon is over, you can continue to donate online through HHHS’ website.