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“Important and reasonable measures,” HKPR’s Dr. Bocking on provincial vaccine certificate

The region’s Medical Officer of Health says Ontario’s recently revealed COVID-19 vaccine certificate system is important and reasonable to help prevent the spread of the virus. 

Dr. Natalie Bocking adds especially as we are moving into the fall and expecting case numbers to increase.

Dr. Bocking said the venues that the new measures extend to are types of indoor settings that in other times of the pandemic have been seen to fuel COVID-19 outbreaks and we know has been associated with the spread of the virus,” She said. 

She says showing proof of vaccination at these places is an important step in addition to all of the other public health measures that are being implemented. 

“I think that’s the key point is that there’s not one piece of this puzzle that is the answer to the whole thing. Vaccinations play an incredibly important part of it but so does masking so does distancing and staying home if you’re sick from work. All of these pieces of the puzzle need to be there for us to effectively prevent COVID-19 transmission as we move into the fall.” Bocking says.

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