We’re the fourth day into Heart month (February), and registered dietitian with the local health unit Elsie Azevedo Perry says preventing heart disease boils down to lifestyle.

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Azevedo Perry says one of the ways to improve your lifestyle it to eat healthy. She says this means going back to the basics of Canada’s Food Guide and eating fruits and vegetables every day. She also says eating beans and fish instead of meats is healthier. Changing what you eat can be hard, but to increase your chance of success she says to start small.

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Another important factor is exercise and she explains one of the steps to being successful:

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Azevedo Perry says doing these things will help prevent the risk of heart disease, but it’s also something people who have suffered a heart attack or a stroke should be doing. She says what to eat, and how much you should exercise depends on your health and you should talk to your doctor about it. She says people can also call the health unit and talk to a dietitian.