The Dorset Landfill will change to a transfer site this year. Algonquin Highlands Operations Manager, Mike Thomas recently told council that contracting the work to another company is the best option to make sure the site isn’t closed for too long. Council agreed to hire Cambium Inc. to do the work which will include closing the site for a couple of weeks, Thomas told council members. They’re planning the work for this fall so they don’t disrupt the high traffic during the summer months.

While the site is closed, residents will have to travel to one of the other sites in the Township to deposit their waste. Thomas explains that once the construction is done, the site will reopen as a transfer site, meaning the household waste will be transferred off site throughout the year instead of staying as a landfill.

Thomas explained to council that Township staff will be helping with some of the construction work, but don’t want to take on the full project in case their regular duties interfere with its construction which would cause it to be closed for a longer period of time. Council agreed and will be moving forward with the project. The Township will be sending out public notices once the construction schedule is finalized.