It was bound to happen: At least two scams around the province refunding our licence plate sticker fees.

They’re both via text message, one purportedly from the transportation ministry, the other using Service Ontario’s name.

OPP Constable Michelle Simard confirms that they’re not legit. “The MTO won’t be sending out a text message to let you know to get your refund for your licence plate,” she confirms. “If your address is correct on your licence plate, you don’t have any fines or anything like that from tolls, you will receive the refund cheque in the mail.”

Simard adds a warning not to click on any link in such messages.

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“We’ve seen these kinds of scams before. It could be for a Canada Revenue refund. It could be for some kind of ‘check your bank information’. We just want to make sure that people know that a text message doesn’t come from the government.”

Simard says if you have any questions, you can contact MTO.

The refund is automatic.  You’ll get a cheque in the mail sometime around the end of this month.

With files from by Bob McIntyre