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Overnight frost bite risk in Haliburton

Environment Canada days the temperature could dip as low as -30 degrees overnight.

It won’t be any better when you wake up.

The weather agency says the temperature will stay around -30 up until the afternoon when it will warm up to -19.

Hayley Redman, a paramedic with Parry Sound District Paramedic Services, explains frostbite happens when your skin freezes. It usually happens to exposed skin but Redman says it can happen even if you’re covered up. She gives the example of someone whose gloves get wet while they’re shovelling.

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Frostbite starts with frostnip.

Redman says you will notice a tingling, prickly feeling that may progress to numbness. She explains the best thing to do if you suspect you’re dealing with frostnip is to “gently warm” the area rather than completely submerging that part of your body in warm water.

“As you warm those areas up, it will be quite painful,” says Redman.

If you notice the area is numb, hard, white, waxy, or blisters start to appear while you warm up, Redman says to seek medical attention.

The most important thing you can do is “take it easy,” according to Redman. While staying inside is the best idea when it’s extremely cold, if you have to go out to shovel, for example, she suggests taking frequent breaks to warm up.

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