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CT scanner expansion underway at Haliburton Hospital 

Construction is underway on the Haliburton Hospital’s CT scanner expansion. 

Veronica Nelson, President and CEO of Haliburton Highlands Health Services (HHHS), says it won’t just be the CT moving into the new space, but several other diagnostic tools. That includes the new mammography suite, as well as bringing up the ultrasound from the basement and moving the bone density scanner to the same place. 

“We know that patients that receive mammography also have [bone mineral density scans], so we want to co-locate those services to make it easier for patient access and care,” says Nelson. “We’re slowly getting our imaging together and creating a diagnostic imaging wing.” 

While the work is being done, Nelson says the hallway connecting long term care to acute care has been narrowed, and you might hear some typical sounds of construction. “Other than that, there are no restrictions on any services,” she says. 

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According to Nelson, the project is staying well within its original budget of around $3.5-million. She says the HHHS Foundation’s $4.3-million fundraising goal not only covers the expansion itself but equipping the space, and replacing both the ultrasound and the system they use to store and transmit digital scans. 

Nelson says having these services in house means patients won’t have to travel out of the region for scans while time is of the essence. 

“People that require a CT scan are sick, and it’s not really nice to have to travel an hour or so away,” says Nelson. “So it’s great to keep it local. It also frees up EMS’ time, so that paramedics are on the road and not transferring patients for CT. Also hopefully reducing wait times for CT and mammography.” 

She adds having the latest tools on hand also helps recruit doctors and other medical professionals to the area. 

“Physicians really rely on it. They’re being trained to have these imaging tools right at hand. It is the standard of care,” says Nelson. “CT is sometimes likened to having a stethoscope—you can see right inside the body and you know what the next course of treatment is for the patient.” 

Nelson says they’ve finished demolition and concrete pouring for the project and are now starting on the lead-lined walls, plumbing, and accessibility improvements. She adds the CT scanner is set to be delivered in June, with mammography on a similar timeline, and both are expected to be up and running in July. 

“I really want to thank the community for their support in moving us forward and bringing these really fundamental imaging tools to our area,” she says. “And I’m looking forward to showing it off to the community as the construction rolls out.” 

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