Local MP Barry Devolin is encouraging residents to give their feedback in the review of the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program (ODRAP). Devolin says after Minden’s flood two years ago, he found a big gap in Ontario’s program.

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Devolin says he also found that people who are flooded on purpose to help offset the highest impact areas, aren’t compensated like they should be. In the case of Minden’s flood, he says some cottagers on Horseshoe Lake were flooded because the Trent Severn Waterway put sand bags at the dam to prevent a washout. However, those cottagers weren’t compensated because Ontario’s program only provides financial assistance to an individual’s primary home, not their cottage.

Devolin says while at the end of the day the flood didn’t cause as much damage as they thought it would, it’s still important for people to give their feedback about the province’s relief assistance program.

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For more information about the review of ODRAP and how to submit a comment, click here. Submissions are due on Mar 4.



(Photo courtesy of Minden’s Flood Relief Facebook page)