Our local health unit is trying to work more closely with our municipalities. A recent report to the board of health came from the Rethink Health campaign. Kristina Nairn is a Social Determinants of Health Nurse with the HKPR district health unit and she explains what the campaign looks like in our community.

Nairn says social determinants of health play a large role in things like economic development in a community. While this report will be coming to councils in the next few months, Nairn describes what’s already being done here.

She says the campaign was about collaborating internally on the work that’s being done with municipalities in the area, and how they can do it better. Nairn explains one way health plays a role in local politics.

Nairn says the committee will be presenting the report to municipalities in the next few months to find out how they can work with them in policy and plan developments.