The Community Paramedicine program for Haliburton County is ready to be rolled out. It’s an initiative by the paramedic services, which will have them making home visits to seniors. EMS Director Craig Jones says it’s to help reduce the number of times a senior needs to put themselves at risk by leaving the home, or the amount of times they call 911.

Jones says the visits can be anything from vital sign checks, blood sugar checks or making sure they’re taking the proper medications.

Another aspect of the program will refer patients to programs like the CCAC to set them up with support services. Jones explains what stage they’re at now:

Jones says the physicians are a key part of the program because they can identify what patients need the care, and can give the paramedics some medical history, which Jones says is essential.

While this program is successful in other communities, Jones explains how the one in Haliburton County will be unique.

The program was made possible through funding from the province, which Jones is hoping will continue in the future.