Yet another fraud scam is being reported by OPP. In two cases, someone posted an item for sale on the internet and the interested buyer sent a money order that was more than the asking price. They then told the seller to cash the money order and return the extra money. In both cases, the money order was fraudulent.

OPP want to make sure people are taking extra caution when they receive overpayment and never agree to wire funds back to a buyer.

Here are some more precautions the OPP say you can take to avoid being the victim of fraud:

  • Independently confirm your buyer’s name, street address and telephone number
  • Never accept a cheque or money order for more than your selling price
  • Resist pressure to “act now”. You can always visit a bank branch to determine if the cheque or money order is legitimate.

For more information on frauds, you can visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre by clicking here, or calling them at 1-888-495-8501.