The New Horizons for Seniors funding has come through, and close to 88 thousand dollars is coming into Haliburton County. The programs are geared toward maintaining a high quality of life for seniors.

The following is a list of all the organizations receiving funds, and what their plans are for programming.

The information was announced through HKLB MP Barry Devolin yesterday afternoon.

  • Abbey Gardens – $13,136 to create a seniors advisory committee to lead new programs for seniors such as kitchen and ecological programs. They also want to install benches and trails to create outdoor learning programs
  • Haliburton Highlands Museum – $25,000 to allow seniors involved with the organization to plan and deliver programs such as community gardens and winter sports
  • SIRCH Community Services – $24,930 to help decrease the risk of falls and injuries for seniors through home safety audits. They also want to reduce isolation in the community through the creation of volunteer opportunities for seniors
  • Wilberforce Heritage Guild – $24,917 to encourage seniors to capture, promote and preserve the culture and heritage of Highlands East through collaboration between three volunteer heritage organizations.