It was 30 years ago, but the impact of the iconic Moose transfer from Algonquin Park to Michigan is still just as significant. Natural Heritage Education Specialist for Algonquin Park, David Legros explains why they transferred 29 Moose in the winter of 1985:

When the Michigan Department of Natural Resources put the call out for help, the MNR responded and started planning. Legros says it took years of planning, but the actual transfer only took about 12 days.

They sent 29 Moose – ten bulls and 19 cows, which 18 of them were pregnant, giving the population growth a good head start.

A similar transfer was done in 1987, and the population was found to be about 220 in 1992.

Legros explains the most recent status of the bi-annual population surveys:

Another survey of the population was done this winter and the results are expected to come out in April.

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(Photo courtesy of Algonquin Park)