With Canada’s budget announced for 2015, our local MP Barry Devolin says there are a few benefits that will come to some people in Haliburton County. He explains that the increase in the universal childcare benefit, combined with income splitting, will bring some savings:

The childcare benefit will give 160 dollars per child under 6, and 60 dollars per child ages 6 and to 18, every month.

Devolin also explains how seniors in Haliburton County will benefit from this year’s budget:

Finally, Devolin explains that small business owners will finally see a tax break:

He says this is a good way to stimulate job creation in an indirect way because businesses will have more money in their pockets to hire more people.

At the end of it all, Devolin says that the government’s “cautious, prudent approach may not be as exciting as a bunch of big spending announcements on budget day, but after people think about it, they’ll appreciate we’re being careful with their money.”