A recent report by Ontario’s Ombudsman is showing that Hydro One issued faulty bills to more than one hundred thousand customers. Local MPP Laurie Scott, explains some of the things he found:

Scott says the problems started with glitches in Hydro One’s computer system. The report found that it cost them over 88 million dollars to fix it. When the report was presented, Scott explains the Minister’s response:

After months of people either not receiving their bills, or being over billed, Scott wrote an open letter to the Minister of Energy in January 2014 asking for something to change.

Scott says they’ll be watching carefully to make sure the recommendations are carried through. Until then, she explains what people can do:

She says the Minister did not give a timeline for when the recommendations would be completed.

The province recently announced the sale of Hydro One, so Scott says this is the last time they’ll have Ombudsman oversight. However, according to Scott, the province says they’re going to put their own Ombudsmen within Hydro One.