Blue-green algae has been known to frequent some lakes in Haliburton County, so the HKPR District Health Unit is asking you to know how to spot it. It’s something that can appear on your lake or river making it unsafe for swimming and drinking. Manager of Environmental Health, Richard Ovcharovich says if you’re on a lakefront property, there are things you can do to prevent it.

If you do come into contact with blue-green algae, it can cause rashes and eye irritation. Ovhcarovich says it’s even more dangerous to ingest.

While the Ministry of the Environment does assess area lakes, they will only test a lake once, and not all of them have been reported. That’s why Ovcharovich says people should know what to look for.

They also suggest waiting 24 hours after the algae has disappeared before going swimming. To find information about blue-green algae, including pictures of what it looks like, go to the Health Unit’s website.