Our local MPP is not giving up the fight to make sure women in Ontario are protected. Laurie Scott is calling on Kathleen Wynne to take action in the wake of the triple homicide in the Ottawa Valley.

Anastasia Kuzyk was one of the victims killed on September 22nd and Basil Bortuski is being charged with killing all three of the women. Scott says the government failed to protect the innocent women from a dangerous repeat offender who refused to comply with any court ordered restrictions.

Scott is suggesting three initiatives, including restoring funding to the Partner Assault Response program.

Scott says there also needs to be more probation officers assigned to areas that are underserved, and risk assessment tools need to be used.

Premier Kathleen Wynne says what happened in Wilno was a horrible tragedy and highlights why it’s so important that we all work together on the changes they’ll be bringing forward.

The Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services says police services have a domestic violence coordinator for a consistent approach to these incidents. He also says they’ve developed a domestic violence occurrences guideline and are working on appropriate training for police officers.