The initial investigation into a plane crash south of Parry Sound has been completed.

Transportation Safety Board of Canada investigators left the scene just before 5:00pm after finishing the on-site part of their investigation.

TSB Regional Manager Don Enns says the Cessna 182 took off from the Parry Sound and Area Municipal Airport last night heading toward Tillsonburg and crashed shortly after into the woods to the west.

Enns explains why he believes the crash was the result of a loss of control from the pilot.

He says they have taken some equipment and records back with them to continue the investigation.

The information they get from all of the records will determine whether it becomes a full investigation with a public report or if it’s just information for the coroner’s report.

Two victims were pronounced dead on the scene and their bodies have been taken to the Centre for Forensic Sciences in Toronto for analysis and identification.

Their identities will be revealed once the investigation is complete and next of kin have all been notified.