Residents of the Highland Wood facility are getting closer to returning home.

Haliburton Highlands Health Services CEO, Carolyn Plummer, sent out a release earlier today providing an update on the status of the facility.

According to Plummer, with the help of the Ministry of Health and the Central East Local Health Intergration Network, the replacing the roof has finished and the majority of the damage sustained during the leak has been repaired.

The Highland Wood residents were evacuated back in February after the site sprung a leak. It was found out that the roof was leaking heavily due to the rain, ice and snow falling on the roof.

Plummer says Highland Wood is scheduled to officially reopen on June 3rd. She says that LHIN Placement Teams are in contact with the residents and their families to confirm they intend to move back into the facility. the CEO says that now there are plans in development to repatriate the residents.

The Highland Wood Information Hotline remains open and can be reached at (705) 457-1392, ext. 2400. Family members with questions about the placement of their loved ones are also encouraged to contact the Central East LHIN Long-Term Care Placement Team at (705) 310 –2222.