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Heavy questions come down in all candidates meeting

Local candidates answered national questions in an all candidates meeting in Haliburton.


The moderator asked all the candidates what defines good versus bad spending to their party.

Conservative Jamie Schmale explains the previous deficit saying all the G7 countries agreed to invest in infrastructure all at once to kick start the economy.

Liberal David Marquis says economists are telling them now is the best time to spend.

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Green Party candidate Bill MacCallum says there is a chronic national need for climate change reduction, and now is the time to invest in that.

Meanwhile, Mike Perry for the NDP says they don’t think Canada is in chronic need right now, so they are looking at ways to increase revenue.

Another question that was raised was the issue of employment insurance.

Perry answered saying it should be enriched to keep our economy going, but the real problem is the high number of people who need it and don’t qualify.

Marquis says it should be a sacred trust and it is an issue that needs to be dealt with.

Schmale says it’s a key part to what makes us Canadian and there’s a formula involved for people to qualify.

MacCallum says the Conservatives are the first government to include EI in their overall surplus, and that’s not right.

Candidates tackled more localized questions in an all candidates meeting that happened in September. For details on answers in that meeting, click here to read our story.

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