Money, poverty and jobs was behind many of the questions asked at last night’s all candidates meeting.

Green Party candidate Bill MacCallum says their plan is to introduce a guaranteed livable income.

Liberal candidate David Marquis says raising people out of poverty means offering them jobs, and the way to do that is by putting money into infrastructure.

Conservative Jamie Schmale says tax cuts and childcare benefits will put money back into people’s pockets for them to spend how they want.

Meanwhile, NDP Mike Perry says tax cuts don’t end poverty but talked about his local jobs strategy, which includes better broadband, transportation and child care.

Among the hot topics of the evening, some people asked how the candidates plan to represent the riding.

Perry says he wants people to tell him when they’re not happy so he can take that to Ottawa and prove what is best for the riding.

Schmale says history shows the Conservatives have the highest rate for voting against their party, whereas NDP reps vote their party line 100 per cent of the time.

MacCallum says their party policy states that MPs represent their riding first.

David Marquis says Trudeau has pledged more free votes in the House of Commons.