The Trillium Lakeland District School Board has more students graduating. The board had a four per cent increase over last year, with 74 per cent of four-year students graduating.

However, the board is behind the provincial graduation rate, which is almost 80 per cent. Superintendent of Learning, Bruce Barrett, says that’s partly because of the transient population.

Barrett says it’s also partly because some students in the board take classes that don’t earn credits.

Barrett says those kids account for about seven per cent of all TLDSB students. He says that combined with around nine per cent of kids that leave early continue to be a challenge for the board. However, he does point out the board works with students who come back to school after the five-year time limit to help them graduate as adults, and those number don’t count towards the overall rate.

Overall, Barrett says the board is happy as graduation rates are heading in the right direction.