We will soon learn how effective a program has been at avoiding emergency room visits. Haliburton Highlands Health Services President and C.E.O. Carolyn Plummer gave an update to the Board of Directors on the Community Paramedicine Program. The program was set up last October as a joint venture with Haliburton County.

With the program, a paramedic will visit homes of clients and check vital signs, check their homes for fall risks, as well as make sure medications are up to date with the goal of avoiding an emergency room visit. Plummer says 99 people have enrolled in the program since its inception and hopes to know in May exactly how many emergency room visits have been avoided.

She adds the feedback H.H.H.S.  has received so far from clients is the paramedicine program has been keeping them away from the hospital.

Plummer expects to give the board a more throughout update on the program at May’s meeting. If you want to get enrolled in the Community Paramedicine Program, you will need a referral from a healthcare provider.

County report shows an example of paramedicine program success

H.H.H.S. receives $127,000 towards Community Paramedicine program