A local group has some suggestions to bring more affordable housing to Minden Hills. The Minden Hills Housing Task Force was in Minden council this morning giving four recommendations to help make housing more affordable for residents in need.

One is to give homeowners an opportunity to build a detached small dwelling on their property, which is known as a garden suite. A garden suite is a standalone property with a kitchen and bathroom.

Another suggestion Task Force Chairperson Faye Martin had for council is building a closer of tiny homes, between 400-450 square feet, on a lot and connecting them to municipal sewer and water services. Martin says someone on the task force currently lives in a tiny home.

Martin adds the task force has spoken with prospective homeowners and many of them say they need less space. Another suggestion includes bringing housing to downtown Minden by combining retail and housing.

The task force will have a public consultation to explain its research to residents and answer any questions and that will be on May 19th in council chambers. You can see the report here.