Algonquin Highlands wants to keep rain and wildlife out of its recycling bins. The township is looking at replacing the metal bin covers at its recycling depots with plastic covers. In a report to council, staff indicated that the current covers are like a screen does not keep out rainwater, or animals looking for a snack. Another concern of the public works department is that dry recyclables are easier to haul due to less weight and that businesses that purchase those products are looking for dry, uncontaminated materials. The report does on to say that the steel mesh bin covers are hard to open.

The township plans to apply for $5,500 to test out two plastic weatherproof bin covers. The application would be to the Continuous Improvement Fund, which is run, in part, but the Association of Municipalities of Ontario. If the new covers prove to be beneficial, Algonquin Highlands would consider purchasing them for all 40 bins.