Voters in Dysart can still get their ballots in even if Canada Post goes on strike.

It is being reported that the strike, if it happens, would be a rotating strike, meaning that not all the postal workers would be off at the same time. If the strike does happen the delivery of mail will be significantly slower.

Cheryl Coulson, the Municipal Clerk in Dysart et al, says that if it does happen, “it is business as usual” for the municipal staff. Coulson pointed out that regardless of the strike, people should have sent their ballots in already, adding that they already have thousands of votes in. Coulson says that you can drop off your ballot to the municipal office anytime, including after hours since the office has a secure after hours mail slot.

Coulson explained that there’s a misconception about the voting day, saying that some people think that you can not vote on Monday. She added that “you can vote right up until 8:00pm.” Coulson encouraged to drop off your ballots, the sooner the better, and do not put your ballot in the mail Monday, regardless of the strike as it wouldn’t get there in time.

Dysart Deputy Mayoral candidate Dennis Casey took to Facebook offering to take people’s ballots in for them if they are not able to do so themselves.