Haliburton County is a step closer to understanding the floodplains all over the county.

In the summer, county council sent out an RFP looking for outside help in mapping and understanding the floodplains. In the RFP council was hoping to make use of LiDAR technology, LiDAR is used to create a 3d map of an area, meaning that the data could help show where the water goes and where areas need better disaster mitigation.

Today, council approved moving forward in creating a contract with Airborne Imaging, a Clean Harbor Company. According to the information presented to the council, the company is ready to go, they were just waiting for approval to do so. In order for Airborne Imaging to take to the skies, they need four days of clear weather. The planes carrying the LiDAR are expected to be flying as low as 1000 metres off the ground, to which, Algonquin Highlands Mayor Carol Moffatt asked that the municipalities be given heads up so that the general public does not panic when they see planes flying that low.

Once the mapping is done, the data will be collected and should be ready for further discussion in March.

The cost of the project is expected to be $358,000.