Music Canada Cares is now taking applications to get in the Three R’s Program.

MCC is taking applications from schools that in need of grants or refurbished instruments to help propel their music program. According to MCC, you can apply for grants up to $2,500 and include requests for repaired instruments to be given to your music program.

The only requirements are: Be in the english, french, public or catholic school systems in Ontario, your school has to employ a music teacher, you have to have demonstrated the need for musical equipment, and last you’ll need to have the permission of the principal approve your applying to the program.

Sarah Hashem, the Managing Director of the Three R’s Program, says “We want to make a big impact for music education in the province in a short period of time, so we’re encouraging schools and educators across the province to seize this opportunity and apply early.”

If you want to try and get involved in the Three R’s Program, once you have the permission of the school principal and the other requirements are fulfilled, you can contact Music Canada Cares by emailing Corey Poole at or you can call 1-647-808-7359. Or you can go to their website.

The deadline to apply is November 18th.