The two United churches in Minden are officially combining into one amalgamated church.

For months now, services have alternated locations between Minden United Church and Zion United to make use of both spaces. After the service this month, the Zion United Church will be closing its doors.

According to Reverend  Max Ward of the United Church, the finances of running both buildings were on the decline, as well as filling volunteer positions was becoming an issue. The decision to sell Zion United was a stressful one says Ward, adding that the governing body of the churches voted which to close. Once the two churches are fully integrated, the new governing body will be selected by the new combined congregation.

Once the services in Zion United have finished it will be up for sale, and Ward says that the contents inside may be sold with it, depending on what the buyer intends to do with the building.

Ron Clark, a member of the United Church told My Haliburton that the parishioners are hopeful to get a farewell service done in Zion before the doors close.

the name of the new combined church will be Highlands Hills United Church.