Algonquin Highlands is now officially the third municipality in Ontario to be comprised of all female councillors.

Earlier today, the township of Algonquin Highlands held a swearing-in ceremony to officially appoint the members to their role on council.

According to the municipal clerk, Matt Gower, this is the 6th swearing-in since Algonquin Highlands amalgamated to a single township. Unlike the other municipalities of Haliburton County, the position of mayor was decided without the need for campaigning after Carol Moffatt ran uncontested.  As well Lisa Barry and Liz Danielson both finished the nomination period without having to campaign.

Joining the returning mayor and councillors for the next four years is Jennifer Dailloux and Julia Shortreed.

Moffatt says that she is honoured to return as mayor, adding she is thankful the community has placed their faith in her and her colleagues on council. Moffatt explains that although the decisions of the council can be unpopular, they will always make decisions that will have the best interests of the community at heart. Moffatt says she’s hopeful that council will continue down a path of success and critical thinking.

With Moffatt in place at the head of the table, her first act was to accept nominations for the position of deputy mayor which is voted on internally by the councillors. Liz Danielson received votes from Barry and Dailloux, making her the re-elected Deputy Mayor.

With the council officially in place, Moffatt says it should be noted they made history by appointing all females.