The Ontario Energy Board wants to hear from families on how to improve a program.

OEB is looking for the public to fill out a survey on the Low-income Energy Assistance Program or LEAP. According to the Ontario Energy Board, LEAP is designed to give low-income families a one-time grant to eligible families “who face disconnection or have been disconnected because they’ve fallen behind on their electricity or natural gas bills.”

According to the board, this survey is looking for ways to improve LEAP in the future. Within the survey, OEB asks consumers if they would use LEAP upon receiving a notice that your hydro or gas was going to be shut off, how much is a reasonable amount to contribute to programs like LEAP, and how you feel about the program.

OAB explains that any person can be eligible for LEAP if they make less than $28,000. Or a low-come family of three is eligible if they earn less than $39,000.