Ottawa police chief says the Canadian armed forces member was shot at National War Memorial.  The young soldier died from injuries.  Name and age will not be released at this time. All available police resources have been deployed, more are on stand-by.   Confirms suspect was shot and killed inside the Centre Block of Parliament.  Police are asking people to stay away from downtown core.  Follow building management instructions if in downtown building.

The RCMP is sending thoughts and prayers to all people affected by today’s events.  All available resources were deployed immediately and will stay as long as needed.  The RCMP’s investigation is ongoing into what happened on Parliament Hill.  The RCMP says it a dynamic situation that is still unfolding.  There will be intense investigation into the shooter.  One gunman is confirmed dead.  They are not releasing details on the shooter’s identity.  He was shot inside the Centre Block of Parliament.  The RCMP is committed to the safety of Canadians.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson says today is a sad and tragic day in our nation’s capital.  Watson is extending condolences to the family of the fallen Canadian soldier.  He says there’s no pain as great as losing a loved one.  RCMP says it is early to say, but today’s events took them by surprise.  Further investigation is needed.  There is in still an active investigation in place.  Police are in the process of clearing and methodically searching the area surrounding Parliament Hill.  Police and the RCMP are not confirming whether or not they are still looking for another suspect.

The RCMP is being very careful at this time and is not confirming whether or not they are looking for another shooter.  They do confirm that police are going door-to-door searching homes, businesses and every area surrounding Parliament Hill and the downtown core.  The lockdown does continue in most places and police are asking everyone to stay away from the downtown.  Those under lockdown are asked to follow instructions from the building’s managers.

(Written by: Marie Cassidy)