If the Heat Bank doesn’t get funding, Highlands East will step in.

The municipality is offering its support, in principle, to the organization.

The Heat Bank’s Tina Jackson met with the municipal councillors earlier today to give insight into what it is that The Heat Bank does and how it is funded.

Jackson says the organization is designed in such a way to provide emergency help to people trying to heat their homes. She says the Central Food Network took them over in 2016 and since then they have operated under the same umbrella to provide something to eat and heat.

According to Jackson, in 2016, Highlands East and the Central Food Network partnered for Federal funding to keep them operating through March of this year.

With the end of March just three weeks away, Jackson says the food network has connected with the Canada Revenue Agency in hopes of securing charitable status. If they are unable to get funding, Jackson says they will operate at a limited capacity.

After a discussion between the councillors and Jackson, it was decided that the municipality will continue to support The Heat Bank in principle for federal funding.