With the budget passed, the county is shedding light on projects being planned for the community.

Haliburton County unveiled today, a list of projects the upper-tier government has budgeted for answering where the $18,135,504 in the tax levy is going.

Within the budget, there are several projects for the Department of Public Works that are expected to cost over $100,000. Including $800,000 to pulverize, stabilize and hot mix pave 3.2 kilometres of the Glamorgan Road heading north from County Road 503.

As well, the county is expecting to spend $912,000 for pulverizing and surface treatment for two sections of Harburn Road.  Another project on the budget for the county is the replacement of the Hawk Lake Bridge, which is supposed to cost $1.9 million, but the county reports it has applied for a grant of $1.4 million to offset the cost.

The county is planning on giving $140,000 to the Eastern Ontario Regional Network for their projects expanding broadband across eastern Ontario. Another $40,000 is going for the creation of the Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Plan.

Emergency Services have a number of projects eating into the budget, including the purchase of a new ambulance which is going to cost $140,000. As well, they are expecting to buy three new power cots.

Shoreline preservation is getting a helping hand in the way of $50,000 in the budget to create a “comprehensive by-law for countywide shoreline protection.”

The Planning Department is expecting to spend $266,808.50 on LiDAR.

All of the highlights can be found by clicking here.