Update: Three more roads in Minden are closed due to flooding. Orde, Invergordon, and St. Germaine are all closed, but Orde and Invergordon are taking local traffic.

Despite the break in the rain, water levels are forcing roads to remain closed.

Drivers and pedestrians are being told to avoid certain roads in Minden Hills for the time being. The township announced today that seven roads are closed until water levels go down.

As of today, Hospitality Road is closed to all but local traffic. Spring Valley Road is closed to all traffic, and Barricades have been put up. Ritchie Falls Road is open to local traffic only. Mark Twain Road is closed to all traffic and Milburn Road remains closed one kilometre east of County Road 1 and half a kilometre west of the Irondale Landfill.

The Salerno Lake Road bridge has been closed to all traffic. As well the Snowmobile Bridge downtown Minden Hills is closed to vehicles and pedestrians alike. According to the town, all of these roads are going to stay closed until they are safe to be used again.

In the notice, sent out by the township, people are reminded that private roads are not monitored by the town. All private roads should be used with caution.